Maquillage Partners Up
with these amazing Industry Professionals

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
- Helen Keller

Creativity can come upon us at any time, but very often the imagination flourishes when we are inspired by other people or ideas. At Maquillage we recognize this need for creative and professional alliance, and that is why we have teamed up with several different professionals within the industry. Together we are creating a network of partners—hairstylists, makeup artists, fashion experts—that is mutually beneficial, not just for each of us, but for our students and clients, too. 

Allow us to introduce our amazing professional partners!

Esoteric Hair Salon & Makeup Studio.jpg



Style Sorbet

Style Sorbet is a boutique agency serving the fashion, beauty and modeling industries through event production, promotional strategies and image consulting. They provide our students with tremendous support by bringing in models, guest teaching in our beauty course, and inviting our students to participate in events to start gaining valuable experience.


Mi Studio Hair & Makeup Salon

A newly established salon by master hair stylist and makeup artist, Sheena Mi Lee is also one of Mireille’s former students and a close friend. Sheena has been working in the beauty industry for over two decades now, mostly within Atlanta and Beverly Hills. She is known for bringing the latest techniques in color and fabulous personalized haircuts to leading businesswomen, celebrities, models, and more. She also has organized a numbers of fashion shows where “Art Meets Fashion” with celebrity designers to present their collection, professional dancers, musicians, and DJs.


The Engineer Guy

Back in 2000. Nelson was working for a privately held plastics distribution company in Atlanta as their composite products manager. It was a pretty cool job. But, the company's owner had a chance to sell the entire operation to one of the suppliers who then merged with another competitor. What was fun became much much less so. Those of you with first-hand experience with a merger or acquisitions known of what we speak. And those of you probably know already what happened shortly thereafter. Yep. In the summer of 2002 Nelson got "right sized". Most of you know that term by a more familiar one. "Laid Off"

Nelson tried the manufacturer's rep thing the first year. No fun. So, in the summer of 2003 he started buying and selling products under the banner of "The Engineer Guy".

A few short months Later, Nelson got offered the chance to be Smooth-On's distributor for Georgia. Of course, Nelson accepted the offer. 

Thanks to Clay And Trey at Smooth-On, and to a small but growing collection of wonderful vendors, we grew into and out of 1,500 square feet, then 2,600 square feet. Today, we're in a 15,000 square feet down by the Atlanta Airport, with a Kryolan Pro zone store, 3 hands on classroom, including four full time and several part-time folks on staff. 

The Engineer Guy is your source for mold making and casting materials and special effects supplies and professional makeup.