Classes and Coursework Designed Just For You 

At Maquillage, we take great pride in our advanced, professional curriculum and individual courses, and we want you to take that same pride in your education and future career.  Our professional makeup school is unlike any other in the USA  you'll get a top-quality makeup kit, field trips for real-life learning, and business instruction to fully prepare you to start working in the industry.

So whether you're a novice looking to learn it all with our Master Makeup Artistry Programs, or a seasoned professional needing to brush up on your Airbrush or Character Makeup skills, Maquillage Makeup Academy has the exact coursework to launch or supplement your exciting career!    

 Photography by Ming Wu H2WU

Photography by Ming Wu H2WU

Master Makeup Artistry Program

Want to be a professional makeup artist, but unsure what your preferred area of expertise will be? Learn the basic fundamentals, advanced techniques used by the industry's top professionals, and everything in between in our comprehensive Master Makeup Artistry Programs. As a Master Makeup Artistry Student, you will journey through a meticulously crafted curriculum designed to introduce you to every possible field of study, and transform you into an expert in your chosen craft. With a Master Makeup Artistry Diploma from Maquillage Makeup Academy, we know you will walk onto any set with the skills you need to make a name for yourself as an artist. 

  • Graduate with the confidence to work in any field of makeup artistry

  • Learn everything from the most basic sanitation and beauty fundamentals to advanced special effects techniques

  • Save money by enrolling in the full Master Makeup Artistry Programs instead of several Individual Courses

  • Take home our fully stocked, professional makeup kit packed full of the industry's leading products and brands

  • Learn all about managing the business of being an artist, from networking, to invoicing, to set etiquette and more!






This is a full master program that includes Fundamentals of Beauty Makeup, Bridal & Special Events Makeup, Hair Designing, Periodic Makeup, Fashion Makeup, New Media Makeup, Airbrush Makeup, Character Makeup, SFX, Theater/Body Makeup, Business Study, Color Theory and Makeup for Platform and other presentations. 

The starting dates below are scheduled for those student eager to take full time classes (Monday-Friday) from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

 Please contact us if you need help choosing the programs and courses that are best for your career goal

    Starts: September 24 of 2018

Ends: February 7 of 2019


2018 Evening Classes

The beauty Makeup Course is the intro level course in our curriculum. It includes Bridal & Special Events Makeup, The evening schedule is for those students who prefer to take classes after regular working hours, 

    Starts: October 22, 2018

Ends: March 1, 2019

2018 Tuesday (Evening) Class

This class schedule is for those students who prefer to take classes only once a week and after regular working hours from (6:00 pm to 10:00 pm)

Please contact us if you need help choosing the courses or a program that are best for you!    

  Starts: November 6, 2018

  Ends: January 31, 2019 


2018 Sunday Class

The beauty Makeup Course is the intro level course in our curriculum. It includes Bridal & Special Events Makeup. The Sunday's class schedule is for those students who are only available to attend school on the weekend.   

  Starts: October 7, 2018

   Ends:  March 17, 2019

2018 Monday Class 

The Monday's class schedule is for those students who prefer attending only once a week during the weekdays and includes Bridal & Special Events. Please contact us if you need help choosing the programs and courses that are best for you!         

       Starts: October 15, 2018

 Ends: April 1, 2019

  Photography by Ming Wu H2WU

Photography by Ming Wu H2WU

Individual Courses

Are you already a working professional who just wants to fill in the gaps in your skill set or education? Or are you a makeup enthusiast interested in taking your passion to the next level in a specific genre?

We offer Individual Courses that will provide you with an education that meets your specific interests. You can join us a few weeks or days! Enroll in one, or enroll in several classes and design your own education! Individual course offerings include: 

  • BEAUTY MAKEUP - Sunday's Schedule
  • BEAUTY MAKEUP - Weekly - Monday's Daytime & Evening's schedule
  • HAIR DESIGNING - Weekly - Tuesday's Daytime & Evening's schedule

Click here to Apply, and we will help you chose the classes that are perfect for your current skill level and education needs.   

Custom Mobile Workshops

We understand that not everyone is local to Southern California, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on any of our classes or workshops! Maquillage Makeup Academy actually offers Custom Mobile Workshops and Classes.

Any workshop you see on our website can be arranged at your facility, and yes, this also applies to schools outside of California. Our workshops typically range from 2-5 days, but we can also customize a workshop to suit your needs; just let us know what type of makeup technique you’d like us to teach. We will travel to your location, and those attending the workshop will receive a certification. Contact our office to schedule today! 

San Diego Workshops

At Maquillage, education is always our top priority, which is why in addition to our Global Artistry Program and wide variety of Individual Courses, we also constantly offer Workshops at our studio location in California, USA. Join us to hear celebrity artists and stylists share their secrets, learn new tips and tricks, and network with other aspiring artists just like you! Our professional makeup school is unlike any other you've encountered!