"In looking for a makeup school, Maquillage really stood out above the rest. First of all, it was a school focusing on makeup and not hair with just a few weeks on basic makeup. The curriculum includes how to do business in this industry which is very important because just having the skills is not going to pay you, you have to sell them.

One of the thing that I did not think about much and I didn't really understand why they made such a big deal about is the kit. You see, in other schools you usually get a student kit, which means that the products don't really have much quality and when they do it's only one brand and I don't know a brand that has the best of everything. So having a mix of quality products gives you the advantage to work as soon as you can offer the best for your clients. Which brings me to another thing that I really like about this school: the teachers seem to really care about you making it as a professional so you'll get pushed to start signing up for gigs as soon as they see you are prepared, and it's hard not to be prepared when you get different models all the time to practice on. We do practice on each other sometimes but having a lot of different shapes, colors and types of skin all the time prepares you for whatever comes in this industry.

I now understand the big deal about the kit and feel prepared to take professional jobs,"

Lizeth Lanz
Beauty and Fashion Graduate
SAN DIEGO: Maquillage The Makeup Academy

"I choose to learn from the best. When it comes to helping me perfect my makeup skills, Mireille Bertrand of Maquillage Makeup Academy is that person. She is humble, skillful and so passionate about teaching her techniques. What she and her team will teach you during her course will allow you to improve your skills and creativity as a makeup artist."                                                                                           

Michelle Alderman
ATLANTA: Maquillage The Makeup Academy

"My experience being taught by Mireille was nothing short of amazing! The wealth of knowledge and experience she has and shares with her students is a gold mine of industry tricks, secrets and techniques. With a relentless eye for detail she pushes you to become a better artist than you thought you could possibly be, helping you to find methods that work for you. From beauty and avant-garde to her amazing work with airbrush, Mireille is such a talented artist and instructor that you are well prepared to enter the industry with a solid set of skills and knowledge of industry in's and out's, and do's and don'ts. If you want to learn makeup, if you want to work in the industry, this is where you want to start!"

Felicia Goodfellow
GRADUTATE student from Cinema Make-up School

"Once a student of Mireille years ago, it is my pleasure to now be a Lead Instructors and Assistant Creative Director of her school Maquillage The Makeup Academy. When I was a student, she not only taught me the technique, but instilled in me the value of being prepared, on time, and professional, and set the standard of how to succeed in such a competitive industry. The curriculum at Maquillage is based on theory, history, art, and most of all experience—and Mireille's experience is undeniable. Maquillage is a great school to nurture your creative spirit, work hard, and have fun. I mean how can you not? It's makeup!"

LaNae Garcia
GRADUATE student from Cinema Make-up School

"The Advanced Multimedia Workshop was such a unique experience and exceeded my expectations. I've taken a number of classes but I haven't felt, until now, that they were as in depth or hands on as this one was.The course provided valuable insight into the new media industry that has come to the South. Mireille was on point the entire time, gave real world experience, hands-on critique, and advanced techniques that will allow me to successfully stand out in the field. 

I would recommend her school and workshops to anyone who wants to get into the new media industry. I look forward to putting what I learned to work!"

Emily Negron
ATLANTA: Maquillage The Makeup Academy

"What happens when you bring an LA instructor to our quickly growing film industry of Atlanta??? You get a fabulous makeup instructor who has worked on film, music video sets, fashion week, and glam weddings—in our own back yard, might I add! Are you ready to brighten your career and open your possibilities to create flawless makeup application and techniques for film, music videos, costume, bridal...and the list goes on?!?!

Please don't wait to take these cutting edge classes and seminars! Atlanta is booming with the music and film industry, and now is the time to get your foot in the door! I urge anyone who has any interest in makeup, costume, or the fashion industry to take these classes. At the end of your classes you are given a certificate of completion and this is a great add to your portfolio/resume. FYI no cosmetology license is required.


I personally attended these classes and they don't skimp on anything! Chic professional atmosphere + artists in the making = beauty! And of course you also learn some of the in's and out's of the industry—if you are not already familiar. So come join this fantastic, talented team and stretch your boundaries with creativity and professionalism. You will not be sorry! : )

Lauren Nelson
Mi Studio Salon


If you think you understand and know what to do with makeup….think again. As a student at Maquillage Makeup Academy, I had the opportunity to have a very unique learning experience in the makeup industry. Because I was able to customize and tailor my classes that fit my individual needs as a makeup artist. I now have the ability to anticipate changes in the industry and I have a firm grasp of the requirements of the many different opportunities that are available. In addition, I have an outstanding awareness of the complexities of the industry and a thorough understanding of the basic fundamentals and advance techniques used in the industry. The education I received at Maquillage was unlike any other. I am confident that I will embark on an exciting new journey in my life as a professional makeup artist. What an amazing experience and I am very grateful to learn from the best! Stop looking and become a graduate from the best Makeup Academy.

Anitra Stansil-Gabriel

ASG Enterprise - Always Stay Grinding™

Beauty and Eye-Focus Graduate

San Diego: Maquillage Makeup Academy

I met Mireille Bertrand, owner of Maquillage Makeup Academy through a connection with San Diego Business Development center. She was impressed with my product, the Stick With It® palette and now provides them to her students. Mireille and her staff are committed to helping graduates find careers and opportunities through state-wide events, introductions to cosmetic brands and invitations to in-house events. Her dedication goes beyond the classroom,making the studio available to graduates at no extra charge. They may use the studio to practice, and work with models and photographers. I highly recommend Maquillage Makeup Academy as your premiere professional artistry school.

Monetta Plassmeyer

Founder & President | Mettano Design | www.StickWithItPalette.com

Mireille Bertrand and the team at the Maquillage School of Beauty are the best!!! Not only did she create a custom hairstyling course for me that suited my individual needs perfectly, she also taught me herself! My classes took place over the course of several weeks for 6-8 hours a day and everyday she would teach me new techniques and new styles and then we would practice side by side on dummy heads. The one on one training was absolutely amazing! I was able to learn 6 months worth of styling in several weeks because she was willing to help me by creating the course and specific lesson plans based on what I told her I needed/wanted to learn. The final week she had a professional photographer and models come in everyday who were there so that I could do their hair and makeup and get professional photos for my portfolio! It was truly amazing! 

Since the completion of the course Mireille has kept me informed of various events that I can be a part of to gain experience, exposure, and new contacts in the industry at! I have been able to network with Pros in our industry and make great connections that have led to some really awesome work/jobs! I have also made friends with some of the people that I've met, including Mireille herself! They are so supportive and ready to help you in any way you need! Going to Maquillage School of Beauty is 1 of the best things I've done towards furthering my career in the beauty industry! Thank you Mireille!

Stephanie Keiser

Hair Designing and Airbrushing Makeup Graduate

San Diego: Maquillage Makeup Academy

Maquillage Makeup Academy

It has almost been two years since I started modeling for students and instructors at Maquillage.  The location has changed but the vibes are always the same – professional, passionate, and fun!  As a volunteer model, I have been transformed into everything from a beautiful bridesmaid to the main character from The Exorcist.  Each time I learn new things as the instructors take a hands-on approach with every student to ensure they know how to apply the techniques they have been taught.  Also, they are flexible with each look asking for the models input so as to make us comfortable and happy with the end result.  All of the students and instructors have been wonderful to work with not to mention Mireille, the Creative Director, who is an awesome person whose passion for makeup and skin care shines through in all she does.  When I first came to the new location with the retail space I could see the excitement in her eyes.  She not only teaches her students application techniques but also how to sell products when working for a makeup line, what to expect when working in film, and other important tips and tricks to becoming a successful makeup artist.  Mireille takes from her experience as a makeup artist all the lessons she learned and gives them to her students creating a unique foundation for them to build on. Keeping in touch with a lot of the students that I have worked with I see them using everything they learned at Maquillage and creating careers for themselves in an industry that can be difficult to thrive in.  I recommend Maquillage to everyone I know whether they are just someone who likes getting made up, a model, or an aspiring artist it is a great place to learn about the makeup industry, network with others in the industry, and to purchase amazing products.

Alania St.Hill