Introducing Maquillage Lipstick and INGLOT Palettes!

We’re thrilled to share our exciting news with you! Not only will we soon be debuting our brand new lipstick line, The Pleiades Lipstick Collection, but a very special INGLOT palette, too! Soon these will be available on our new online pro boutique and in our San Diego show room.

Maquillage Lipstick – this is a line that focuses on the purity of colors, which means, for example, a real red (a balance of cool and warm color). A number of clients are looking for "real reds" and "real oranges", and “real soft beiges" but are frustrated because they can't find any. Mostly the colors are too warm or too cool.

  • A real classic rose is always in high demand, but many brands add too much pink.
  • Violet colors are in high demand by a younger clientele, but many of them are too light or too purple or too dark pink.
  • For the fuchsia, many of them are just pink! 

All the colors in our lipstick line are well balanced between warm and cool tones and very pigmented so you won't need a lot of products in order to color your lips. We will be offering pure colors, such as:

  • Real Red (balance in cool and warm color)
  • Real Bronze (balance in cool and warm color)
  • Real Orange (more on the warm side)
  • Real Fuchsia (more on the cool side)
  • Real Violet (for everyone!) 
  • Real Soft Beige
  • Real Classic Rose

Wherever you go, the biggest complaint from clients is about the dryness of all the long-wearing lipsticks out there, especially any lipstick that is highly pigmented. 

Our new lipstick line is guaranteed to lock in moisture with a long-wearing effect, so there is absolutely NO dry sensation! Plus it has a wonderful scent!

We are the only line offering such high-quality lipsticks at a medium price. Other brands have some of the colors but at an expensive price, low-quality, dry, and/or no lovely scent.  

Mireille has personally tested all the other brands to ensure that our Pleiades Lipstick Collection is only the best! That means locked in moisture, pure colors, appealing scent, and at a competitive price!

In addition to our own lipstick line, we will also be featuring:

  • INGLOT palette especially for Maquillage, which will have the most necessary eyeshadow colors—chosen by Mireille in response to a “demanding market”—as well as blush, bronzer, and powder. This is a special palette selection (which is why the Maquillage name and logo will be on it!) and will also be available in our online boutique and our San Diego show room.
  • Bdellium brushes, which are the most important brushes to have in your kit from one of the best companies. They produce quality brushes for MAC, Estee Lauder, and others.
  • We will also be adding a few select products that are always in high demand by professional makeup artists that can be hard to find, such as makeup bags and accessories.