Makeup Artist Spotlight: Aleesandra Jones

At Maquillage Makeup Academy, we offer the very best makeup artistry education available today, and part of that unwavering standard of excellence comes from employing instructors with both industry experience and skillful expertise to teach our advanced curriculum.

As a result, our faculty team is comprised of only the best and the brightest in all areas of makeup and hair design!

As part of our Makeup Artist Spotlight, we will introduce you to our team by featuring one of them each week.

Today we're talking to Aleesandra Jones


MAQUILLAGE MAKEUP ACADEMY: How long have you been a makeup artist?

ALEESANDRA JONES: I have been a makeup artist for about 4 years.

MMA: What makes Maquillage Makeup Academy stand out from other makeup schools?

AJ: What I love about Maquillage Makeup Academy is the strong education in business that the students receive. A lot of new students worry about learning the techniques of makeup application but are overwhelmed afterwards when they don't know where or how to go to find work.

MMA: What has been the biggest accomplishment or your most memorable experience in your artistry career so far? 

AJ: My most memorable experience in my career so far was working on the Cinema Secrets Pro Team for LA Fashion Week. It's such a rush to be backstage helping get the models ready and then seeing all your work come together on the runway. 

MMA: What is your favorite makeup tool or product in your kit?

AJ: My favorite product in my kit is my Rosewater and Glycerin facial mist. It really gives everyone's skin that "JLO glow". I'm obsessed with using it!

MMA: What advice do you have for an aspiring makeup artist?

AJ: My advice is to keep practicing and never be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Don't let fear hold you back.