Gruesome Photos from Our Recent Master of FX Illusion Workshop!

Don't worry, no one had an accident!

These are some photos from our most recent workshop, Master of FX Illusion with Celebrity “Face Off” Make-up Artist Brea Joseph!

The owner of KBZ Lab, Brea Joseph, who is very well known in the industry, did a demo of broken noses, gashes, burns, and zombies! (Hmm, perfect for Halloween....) We also had a demo of basic prosthetic and make up application along with out of kit tricks and techniques! On day two, our students got to practice these makeup applications themselves.

When you sign up for workshops or courses at Maquillage Makeup Academy, you will get a chance to study with her and her team at our professional makeup school as well as at her Lab (both in San Diego, which is driving distance from Los Angeles).


As you can see from these images, makeup artists and students looking to learn SFX have the opportunity to study at one of the BEST professional makeup schools in the USA to live their dream!! You will study in small groups and will experiment frequently in a Lab environment.

We also take our students out on field trips so you can study on location and experience the life of a real "set artist" (who won't always have the luxury of applying makeup in a comfortable, well-lit, indoor room).

We are unique because we are the only makeup school in the US to offer:

  • weekly photo sessions
  • guest models
  • guest speakers
  • real-life business and on-set etiquette

Maquillage Makeup Academy may be located in San Diego, but we are an international makeup school!

If you have any questions or want to schedule a our of our school, please private message us or call us directly at (619) 546–5100. We're always happy to assist you in any way we can!