All About Our Open House!

On August 31, 2016 Maquillage Makeup Academy hosted its semiannual open house! Our open house event is a chance to bring together perspective students, makeup enthusiasts, Professional artists, and vendors all around San Diego for a fun event!

Maquillage Makeup Academy invited a number of guest speakers including Leilani Angel, Sy Calac, Monetta Plassmeyer, Aleesandra Jones, as well as Michelle Bradley.  We also had the pleasure to have local photographer Jeff Eskow and upcoming band Moon Light Brigade!


Leilani Angel is our etiquette instructor as well as the owner of Style Sorbet! Leilani's presentation gave our guests a sneak peak of her course at our academy. She mentioned proper etiquette when meeting a new client, working on jobs, as well as proper presentation on Social Media!

Monetta Plassmeyer is the creatorof the fabulous Stick With It Palette! Stick With It is the ONLY non-magnetic, double-sided, versatile organizer on the market and quickly becoming the premier tool for artists, crafters and craftsman worldwide!  We absolutely love the palette and it's many uses. Be sure to visit her website to get your hands on one!

Sy Calac is one of our many fantastic educators at Maquillage Makeup Academy.  A man of many talents Sy is the salon owner of Esoteric Hair, as well as a makeup artist who specializes in Beauty, Fashion, TV/ Film, as well as SFX makeup! He presented an awesome zombie inspired makeup on our male model. He left our guests speechless as he created a zombie right in front of their eyes!

Michelle Bradley is a lead makeup artist from Poise Cosmetics! Michelle's extensive  knowledge in skin care allowed her to present a demo on house to create flawless glowing skin, perfect for all year round! Poise Cosmetics is a brand that creates high quality makeup that exceeds the standard for artists. They believe that Poise evokes a feeling from within and embodies confidence. Their products are made in USA and are the result of extensive research and direct collaborations with their chemist. Visit their website to find out more!

Aleesandra Jones is Maquillage Makeup Academy's Executive Beauty Director. Being a former student of Mireille Bertrand years ago she now assists the school in a number of different ways including teaching Beauty makeup. Aleesandra specializes in Beauty and Fashion Makeup and created an awesome makeup look inspired by singer Rihanna's look at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards!

Maquillage's open house also featured some background photography by local photographer Jeff Eskow and live music by local San Diego band Moonlight Brigade!

We would like to thank all of you who attended our event and we hope to see many more of you next time at our next open house on October 26, 2016! Maquillage Makeup Academy loves to network and support small local businesses in San Diego.  We are dedicated to being involved in the community and helping all artists and professionals grow with their craft.  If you would like to attend our next open house or be involved as a guest speaker feel free to contact us for more info!

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