Maquillage Makeup Academy is now working in affiliation with California Hair Design Academy

We are extremely happy to announce that Maquillage Makeup Academy is working in affiliation with California Hair Design Academy, to bring an innovative and unique learning experience to students who are new to the industry and licensed professionals looking to elevate their personal marketing portfolio.  The collaboration of these two highly respected academies will ignite the spark of creativity, and create a vast network of community  with copious rewards to professional hairstylists, barbers, and aspiring makeup artists.

About CHDA

Located in sunny San Diego County, CHDA has been training students since 1980. Our two locations are family owned and operated, allowing our campuses to offer a unique blend of professionalism and personalized attention. We view students at CHDA as more than just students, we think of them as part of our family.

CHDA Mission

At CHDA we are constantly striving to develop the latest programs to meet your educational needs while teaching modern salon practices. Basic to our school’s philosophy is the belief that thorough and intense training will prepare you for meaningful employment in the beauty industry. Each student graduate will meet the following objectives:

Training to meet objectives of California Bureau of Barbering and Cosmetology.
Maximize development and personal growth of each student as a total person.
Give every student advanced training to allow them to excel in the field.


Why California Hair Design Academy? People often ask us why they should attend our school. We are one of the most affordable beauty schools in San Diego County — attending our course will not break your piggy bank. As for our education – the proof is in the statistics. We consistently have one of the highest passage rates on the California State licensing exam of any school in San Diego County.

Lastly, we know that deciding which school to attend is a big decision, so we urge you to choose carefully. We invite you to visit us as often as you like. We want you to feel comfortable in whatever decision you make, so we invite you to spend time at our school to make sure this industry is right for you and we are the school you want to attend. Good luck in following your career path – Cosmetology, Esthetician and Manicuring are great careers.


[National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences] CHDA is an accredited school by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences. As an accredited institution we meet specific academic and institutional requirements established by NACCAS. Factors include, but are not limited to, curriculum, quality of instruction, facilities, staff, admissions and ethical conduct. Accreditation does not guarantee a student’s success, but is does allow us to provide you with a superior education and give you peace of mind knowing we meet national standards.