Maquillage Students Go to Hollywood’s Max Factor!

Maquillage Makeup Academy is one of a kind in that we offer both students and established professionals an entirely unique approach to their makeup education—and one way we do that is by taking our students on field trips to get their learning out of the classroom and into the real world. No other makeup school is doing this!

 Makeup byMaquillage Student Avalon Hurley

 Makeup byMaquillage Student Avalon Hurley

Our most recent field trip was to the Max Factor Museum in Hollywood—and what better place to learn about the history of makeup than at the very location where legendary makeup artist Max Factor worked on the stars? These rooms are where he turned Marilyn Monroe into a blonde and Lucille Ball into a redhead!

This photo to the left was taken by guest photographer John Hewick at Maquillage and was inspired by the classic late '40s/early '50s look.

In his now-famous makeup studio, our students got to learn about theatrical versus “street” make up, peruse photographs of celebrities, and hear about Max Factor’s influence in the make-up industry: “Through his innovative ideas, and hard work, Factor built a cosmetic empire. From Hollywood royalty to housewives of America, Max Factor’s stylistic genius changed our vision of beauty.”

And because of Factor, “for the first time in history, movie stars, women of high society, and working women were all able to go to a public place for their make-up without the stigma of being called ‘hussies.’” Can you imagine? We certainly have come a long way.

We also took our students to the infamous Cherokee Studio where they got to hear about the music industry, too.

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