Read What Our Students Are Saying About Us!

The best way to tell if you are doing your job right is what others have to say about you, and we are truly grateful and very proud to be able to say that our students and workshop participants have wonderful things to say about Maquillage Makeup Academy! 

Led by celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist and Founder of Maquillage, Mireille Bertrand, whose 20 years of industry experience and genuine passion makes her the ideal teacher for future generations of makeup artists, we provide a wide range of classes and full programs for both the beginner and the industry professional. 

As graduate Felicia Goodfellow explains:

"With a relentless eye for detail she pushes you to become a better artist than you thought you could possibly be, helping you to find methods that work for you. From beauty and avant-garde to her amazing work with airbrush, Mireille is such a talented artist and instructor that you are well prepared to enter the industry with a solid set of skills and knowledge of industry in's and out's."

Mireille's vision for Maquillage Makeup Academy came about when she realized that something was missing from other makeup schools in the US. She and the other instructors don’t simply teach you how to apply makeup, they offer a multi-disciplinary education where students are deeply immersed in their coursework, complete with assignments, comprehensive textbooks, and field trips (something that no other makeup school is doing!)

Former student LaNae Garcia, who is now a working Hollywood makeup artist, writes:

"Once a student of Mireille years ago, it is my pleasure to now be a Lead Instructor and Assistant Creative Director of her school Maquillage The Makeup Academy....The curriculum at Maquillage is based on theory, history, art and, most of all, experienceand Mireille's experience is undeniable. Maquillage is a great school to nurture your creative spirit, work hard, and have fun. I mean how can you not? It's makeup!"

The curriculum at Maquillage is specially tailored to prepare students for an immediate transition from student to working professional, and one way we do that is with the kit. When our faculty sees the kit for the first time they can’t believe it. This is no student kit; it is designed to go from the classroom on the Friday of graduation to the set on Monday for your first job. It’s filled with nothing but professional brands that help our students feel confident and capable right out the door.  

Graduate Lizeth Lanz puts it perfectly:

"One of the thing that I did not think about much and I didn't really understand why they made such a big deal about is the kit. You see, in other schools you usually get a student kit, which means that the products don't really have much quality and when they do it's only one brand and I don't know a brand that has the best of everything. So having a mix of quality products gives you the advantage to work as soon as you can offer the best for your clients. ... I now understand the big deal about the kit and feel prepared to take professional jobs!"

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Interested in learning more about our programs and workshops? Whether you are a novice looking to learn it all with our Global Artistry Program, or a seasoned professional needing to brush up on your Airbrush or Character Makeup skills, Maquillage Makeup Academy has the exact coursework to launch or supplement your growing career.

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