2019 Sunday Class

The Beauty Business Makeup Course is the intro level course in our curriculum. It includes Bridal & Special Events Makeup. The Sunday's class schedule is for those students who are only available to attend school on the weekend.   


9:00AM to 5:00PM

7 Hours a week / 20 Sundays = 140 Hours

*Closed for all Federal Holidays/ Thanksgiving Break/ Holiday Season Break/ Spring Break

Class Schedules starting Fall 2019

The Fundamentals of Beauty Makeup -
Designed for Maquillage Master Makeup Artistry Students and all beginning freelance makeup artists

  •  Study of skin structure and basic skincare

  •  Study of anatomy of the face and skin aging

  •  Presentation of products, tools, and equipment

  •  Understanding of health and hygiene

  •  How to set up a makeup station, and appropriate chair-side manner

  •  Study of face shapes/morphology

  •  Contouring and highlighting techniques

  •  Study of skin tones and undertones

  •  Selecting and applying different foundation textures

  •  Shaping eyebrows with appropriate products, brushes, and tools

  •  Study of eye shapes and correctional eye makeup

  •  Study of lip shapes and correctional lip makeup

  •  Application of basic correctional makeup/use of camouflage products

  •  Application of Natural, Classic, Dramatic, and Glamour makeup applications

  •  Makeup for mature skin selecting the appropriate products

Bridal and Special Event Makeup - Course Duration -
Designed for Maquillage Master Makeup Artistry Students and freelance makeup artists wanting to gain more knowledge about event makeup.

  •  Application of seasonal bridal makeup looks

  •  Application of Natural, Classic, and Dramatic bridal makeup

  •  Study of the International bridal makeup industry

  •  Creating junior makeup for proms and special occasions

  •  Creating a seasonal look for the Red Carpet

  •  Understanding of community networking, promotional packaging, branding, bridal shows, bridal fashion shows, and bridal magazine editorials to grow your brand

Business in the Cosmetic Industry - Course Duration -

  •  Introduction of the cosmetic industry and the beauty retail store environment

  •  Study of cosmetic retail merchandising

  •  Selling techniques in response of customer needs

  •  Providing exceptional customer services and understanding customer needs

  •  Study of the international cosmetic industry and seasonal makeup looks

  •  Becoming a successful cosmetic brand makeup artist or in-store makeup artist specialist

  • Study of all social media platform - Social Media Influencer/ Beauty Guru

Business development and Artist Etiquette - Course Duration -

  •  Analyzing the job market and developing your career

  •  Understanding social media as a makeup artist’s promotional tool

  •  Resume and biography development

  •  Business card creation

  •  Discussing, preparing, and practicing how to have successful interviews

  • Creating a makeup artist invoice

  •  Makeup artist business etiquette

  •  Discussing and improving a makeup artist’s personal appearance

  • Understanding of the importance of teamwork


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