Beauty Jobs: How to Break into the Industry

Whether you’re an esthetician, cosmetologist or makeup artist, there are a wide variety of career paths in the beauty industry—it’s all a matter of deciding where you fit and then getting your foot in the door.

SEVEN Tips for Finding The Perfect Beauty Industry Job

1.) Figure out Where You Belong: Ask yourself: What am I really good at? Do you love the hands-on aspect of working closely with people? Are you great at marketing yourself and building relationships? You’re probably the right type of person for the spa environment. Or you could be a good fit for a sales position. Others might consider working in public relations for a beauty brand or as a buyer for department stores, salons and other businesses. These jobs require that you remain on top of the latest trends and products on the market.

2.) Your Cover Letter and Resume: It’s critical that you take the time to learn how to put together an effective resume and cover letter. If you’re not confident in your writing skills, seek out a helpful and knowledgeable friend or go to a professional for help. And follow the rules—send out thank-you notes after interviews no matter what.

3.) Networking: Many of us got our start because we met someone at the right time. Go to conventions and seminars and talk with as many people as possible—you never know who will be there. Many beauty jobs offer internships as well; there are few ways better than interning to break into any field. It’s never too soon to start networking.

4.) Your Personal Brand: The internet is an amazing tool for branding yourself. The best part is that it’s open to everyone! If no one else is talking about you, start talking about yourself! Create a blog or start a website that demonstrates your knowledge of the field that most interests you. We can promise you that this will be impressive to prospective employers.

5) Appearance Matters: It’s always important to look your best at a job interview, but beauty jobs are a whole different animal—how you look can literally make or break you in many cases. The importance of appearance varies—your ‘look’ is less important in an office than when you are interacting with customers and clients—but it’s crucial no matter where you’re interviewing.

6.) Manage Your Reputation: No one cares what you like to do in your free time as long as you keep it private. Be sure that the privacy settings on your personal social media accounts (facebook, twitter, etc.) are managed correctly. If you’re hoping to use your persona as a catalyst for your career, be sure that your social media accounts reflect the correct image.

7.) Keep Your Job Search Organized: When it comes to finding a job, it’s all about being organized. It can be difficult to keep track of which companies you’ve applied to, who you’ve made contact with and how much time has transpired since your follow up. Remember to stay on top of these important aspects during your search. Being organized is a quality that is admired across the board.

Students, Graduates & Educators in Action!

San Diego Fashion Festival

We are very excited to be the Beauty Sponsor for the San Diego Fashion Festival. We can't wait for all designers and couture line to be shown in the runway!!! 

We will have the Maquillage team on backstage with 20 hair stylist and 20 makeup artist.

Our students, graduates, educators and many other artists will join the team!

More information will be release soon!!

Designer: Kenneth Barlis

Designer: Kenneth Barlis



Designer: @stylebygosh

Designer: @stylebygosh

Designer @goshposh

Designer @goshposh


While you may already be great at applying makeup, there’s not a limit to how much you can learn. If you are passionate about makeup and enjoy applying it, then doing a makeup course will help you make a career out of something you love. Doing a makeup course is likely to teach you new skills and techniques you haven’t attempted before – remember there’s only so much that YouTube videos can teach you!

After spending time learning about color theory and how to (properly) hold a makeup brush, you will totally confident in your makeup artistry skills. 

We also believe that your tools and products are equally as important as the makeup skills that you have just by improving the quality of your brushes and using richer pigmented products, the application would immediately be better.

MEN FASHION with the Maquillage Team Photography: Sy Calac Filming Crew: JSE/Xcorps TV

MEN FASHION with the Maquillage Team

Photography: Sy Calac

Filming Crew: JSE/Xcorps TV

Practical Tips For Students & Emerging Makeup Artist

A bit of information for the on ”set” makeup artist

1.) Know that in the beginning it is an Investment!!

You will always need to have a fully stocked makeup kit, tools like brushes and cleaners, wipes, and an apron, a brush belt or case, a makeup case.

2.) When you are stocking your makeup kit, have a healthy range of options from skincare to concealers, foundations, powders, bronzers, shadows, liners, mascaras, effects tools like spirit gum, scissors, etc. Always be prepared because your crew will notice and learn to see you as someone they can count on. ALWAYS bring a sewing kit, safety pins, bandages, bobby pin. At some point, you’ll need them.

3.) Have a 3-ring binder for your screenplay and have DIVIDERS! Every day a new script will be given to you with notes and slight or major changes. Read them, note them, and make whatever adjustments you have to. This is key because at the end of any production day, a team of people go to the edit bay to watch “Daily’s” (a term used to watch the footage shot that day). That is when changes get made because a producer or director see that a scene didn’t work or something else may work better or an entirely new idea is born.

4.) ALWAYS carry a camera with you. In the old days, makeup artists and hairstylists relied on Polaroids to keep track of scenes and looks. Today artists have an incredible advantage with digital cameras and the ability to have a laptop always on hand. Being able to see everything and have it in one convenient place is so helpful to a makeup artist.

5.) Check your ego at the door. When you’re on set you will be working with an entire team of people. All of which are creative and hired to do a specific job. A film demands that all of these people work together to achieve a cohesive result and so, if you have a temperament that doesn’t sit well with others or you’re unable to take direction, film and television is definitely not the right place for you. These crew members will be your family while shooting and odds are there will always be someone you don’t work well with, but overall, its better to have a “team player” attitude than to attempt to go it alone. It just won’t work in the Industry.

6.) If you are going into film or television for money or fame, don’t bother. Production on any level is an art form and even when the project is bad, if it isn’t your passion, don’t waste your time or the film crew’s time. It costs money and there are thousands of people who wish they had your job.

7.) Take pride in what you do. Being a makeup artist is a truly amazing job. Every day you’re on a set, whether you’re filming a commercial, PSA, network show, or film, it is a truly wonderful job. Every day you get to create. Love what you do. If you love what you do, your passion for what you do will show in the way you conduct yourself around a crew, the attention to detail in your work, your preparedness, and you will find great satisfaction when you see how happy an actor or producer or director is with your work.

That is the rewarding part of what you’re doing. You get to make others happy and that makes you a part of something really extraordinary.

8.) Remember that what you do is art. You are creating. Like a painter, you have an extensive palette of color and tools and your canvas is blank at the start. You have vision and creativity and above all, talent. Talent is what allows you to excel in any industry, but it is especially true in the film and entertainment industries.

9.) Finally, see it through. Take instruction and don’t give up. Whether due to fatigue or creative differences, be hardworking and willing to see the job through. That will never steer you wrong and can only allow for work in the future.

Featuring, graduate students:


Shirley is a San Diego based Makeup Artist specializing in Beauty and Fashion makeup. Shirley attended the Maquillage Makeup Academy and received certifications in Beauty, Fashion, New Media, Airbrush, and Character Makeup. During her time in school, she fell in love with the transformative power of makeup and its ability to bring out the most beautiful and confident aspects from within her clients.

Currently, Shirley is aspiring to work with talented photographers and models to shoot high fashion looks, as well as to develop her skills in Beauty makeup. She is eager to give her clients an elegant and glamorous look and to share in any of your creative projects.

"Let’s create some MAGIC!"



Makeup artist Lizeth Lanz Schattner was born in Mexico, daughter to a radio DJ and a Medical doctor. She was always attracted to drawing and attended some art classes. She learned how to play the guitar at 15 years old claiming it kept her out of trouble.

Ms. Lanz earned a bachelors degree in Psychology and concentrated on working in clinical therapy.  In parallel her artistic side was nurtured through belly dance practice, performance, and instruction.  It was backstage where her love for makeup was born.

Years later she took a small makeup class with a Salon owner for a couple of months, these were personal and not very structured, but it got her some practice with salon clientele.

Often she fantasized pursuing a career in makeup artistry but the idea of abandoning psychology didn’t fit in her belief system.  It was when she moved to the United States that Lizeth had the rare opportunity to start over; to pause and assess her ideal discipline.  She decided to enter the Maquillage Makeup Academy and quickly started volunteering for gigs to gain experience.

Today she focuses on, TV, commercials and short films with a clear goal of someday creating a collection of cosmetics and  being a key makeup artist behind  Music Videos, TV and Film.

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Maquillage Makeup Academy at The La Jolla Fashion Film Festival!

Maquillage Makeup Academy at The La Jolla Fashion Film Festival!

The La Jolla Fashion Film Festival or LJFFF for short is the first international fashion film festival founded in North America. The festival shows only short films, usually less than five minutes in length, in which fashion plays an important part or has some significance and are meant to emotionally connect the viewer to the fashion brand that creates the film.